About Kate

Because we are all different, our styles should reflect our uniqueness. Kate aims to connect each outfit with the owner in a way that each piece, in hindsight, is an obvious fit for the individual; as though they’re long-lost kindred spirits, finding their way back together to form a seamless fusion of wearer and garment.

As a 9 to 5 worker in accounting, sitting at a desk with little variety day-to-day, the work-week was far from exciting. So much so, that her favourite part of each day was putting together her outfit of a morning. Planning which colours and pieces work with what, and making new combinations out of existing garments allowed Kate to express her personality, and flex her creativity in a way her job could not.

Now as a professional stylist, Kate is able to use the knowledge and skills picked up from her studies at Australian Style Institute, the experiences of styling fellow students and volunteers, and being on the other side of the stylist-client relationship. It is important to get to know each client, as our outfits have to reflect who we are, in order to ensure that we are truly comfortable in them.

Kate is a lover of research; scouring blogs, magazines, TV and film, (current, or decades-old), to find influences and new takes on current trends. She’s constantly motivated by new ideas, and would love to connect with like-minded people, be they stylists, photographers, editors, or purely lovers of fashion.

Editorial Photoshoot

In June 2016, Kate took part in a photoshoot for Australian Style Institute. There were five shoots in one day each with two concepts, the theme she worked on was Girl Boss. It was great fun and everyone was very pleased with the results. The day, however, was not without a few hiccups. Behavioural flexibility was key to their success with constant wardrobe and model changes througout the day. A huge thank you to the very tallented Juvelle Behrendorff who was styling one of the other five shoots on the day and stepped in last minute to model.​

Photographer: Jason Lau
Stylists: Kate – Style by Kate, Grace – Styling with Grace, Abbie, Charna, Emma
Hair & Make-up: Beauty EDU -Aimee, Naomi, Cat, Emily, Amy
Models: Georgie Kidman – Vivians Model Management, Juvelle Behrendorff – Running in Channel
Models wearing Bul, Jin & Yin, Viktoria & Woods, Karlie Gartner Accessories

Photographer: Jason Lau
Stylists: Kate – Style by Kate, Grace – Styling with Grace, Abbie, Charna, Emma.
Hair & Make-up: Beauty EDU – Cat, Emily, Amy.
Models: Georgie Kidman – Vivians Model Management
Models wearing Bul, Viktoria & Woods