Does Your Style Need a Makeover? An Image Consultant on Can Help

Like it or not, people form judgments about you within seconds of meeting you. Creating a great first impression by projecting a winning image is essential to your professional, personal, and social life. For other people to think highly of you, you also need to think highly of yourself, and boosting your confidence through an image makeover is an effective way to do this. An image consultant can help by:

Teaching You How to Dress in Alignment with Your Goals

A style consultant can take you through a lifestyle evaluation during which you can learn how to dress in accordance with your roles and objectives in business and leisure. Having a solid grasp on different styles of dressing for various situations can help you communicate the right image regarding authority, approachability, reliability, and more.

Showing You How to Dress for Your Body

There are many different body types – and many variations within them. Your image consultant can help you identify your body shape and then suggest ways to downplay things you would like to minimise and enhance your positive features to create your most attractive image.

Helping You Incorporate Your Personal Style in Dressing

Too often, people try to dress according to the advice they’ve received from other related professionals – and find themselves uncomfortable. That’s because this advice does not take their personal style into consideration. Each person has a personal style, and sometimes they aren’t fully aware of what it is. A style consultant has the tools and the knowledge to identify your personal style and make clothing suggestions that incorporate this style to create your authentic image.

Educating You on Shopping Smart

Affordability is almost always an issue when it comes to buying clothes. Buying on impulse and regretting it later is a common mistake. Many people also tend to have lots of clothes, but never anything to wear. An image consultant can teach you how to create your wardrobe based on variety, affordability, and wearability. These professionals will even go with you to buy clothes (or shop for you) to ensure that you choose clothes that fit your body shape, personal style, and personal and professional goals – clothes that you will love wearing.

Let Style by Kate Be Your Style Consultant

Does your image need a makeover? Style by Kate can help. Serving clients in Darwin, we provide image consulting services for people who want to look and feel their best every morning when they get dressed – and throughout each day. We’ll help you design a wardrobe created just for you that perfectly suits your lifestyle, goals, body type, and personal style. Relieve yourself of the stress of shopping and let us do it for you. Even after your first session, you’ll have an improved wardrobe and great new ideas about how to dress. Style by Kate also offers various packages to suit your individual needs. Contact us today to find out more.