High-Class Personal Stylist in Casuarina for Everyone

You like to be comfortable. Jeans, active wear, tank tops, and loose flowing shirts have dominated your closet most of your adult life. You have two dresses. One for celebrations, and one for funerals. Neither are particularly flattering. Have you grown bored of your wardrobe and don’t know what to do? You need a stylist. Casuarina is proudly served by Darwin’s finest fashion consulting firm, Style by Kate. As fashion stylists, we give Casuarina residents the celebrity treatment, revamping your closet into a collection of fashion-forward pieces that reflect the times and fit your unique personality.

Stay Comfortable, Look Spectacular with our Stylist for Casuarina

At Style by Kate, we get to know who you are, what you like, and what you do. We believe that our styles reflect our personalities, and that we are most comfortable in clothes and fashion that we’re comfortable wearing. Our passion for self-expression is what lead us to leave accounting and become a fashion stylist. Casuarina may not be the site of many red-carpet events, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve red-carpet treatment. Personal stylists help you revamp and rethink your wardrobe. Everyone can benefit from the professional perspective of a personal stylist.

Now Casuarina has Style by Kate. Certified by the Australian Style Institute, we’ll help you clean out unflattering pieces that don’t work, supply ideas on how to upgrade pieces that you already own and love, and help you shop for new pieces to create a new look specific to your lifestyle. We’ll teach you how to shop for items that flatter your body type so that, going forward, you can add pieces to your wardrobe not because they look pretty or reflect the current fashion fad, but because they look good on you. When you’re confident about how you look, it shows in how you carry yourself—and people will take notice.

Three Packages Designed to Fit Your Needs

Style by Kate provides all your personal stylist needs in Casuarina. Choose from three premium packages, each designed to address your unique needs. Each package starts with a one-hour consultation.

  • Wardrobe Refresh is a three-hour process. After consultation, we’ll head to your closet and pull out things that don’t work. We’ll teach you new ways to utilise the items you already have.
  • Your Style package focuses on matching your look to your personality. This seven-hour process includes the wardrobe makeover, plus three hours of personal shopping where we teach you how to shop for your body type.
  • Lastly, we head back to your wardrobe and integrate the new pieces with the old. Dress to Impress is specially designed for anyone preparing for a big event.

Collaborate with the top stylist in Casuarina to create a look that is guaranteed to turn heads. In this two-day process, we’ll discuss the occasion and enjoy a four-hour shopping session. Come to Darwin on the big day for special event styling including hair and makeup. Why are you waiting? Book your consultation with Style by Kate and get the best fashion stylist in Casuarina today.