Putting Fashion to Work: Build a Professional Wardrobe with a Personal Stylist

Whether you’re new to the corporate world or just feel your image needs an upgrade, putting together a great professional wardrobe can be challenging. However, hiring a fashion stylist can remove the stress from this endeavour and provide you with an entirely professional wardrobe that will have you looking sharp and feeling good every morning. Here are some things to keep in mind when working with a stylist to create your new look.

Picking the Right Power Suit

Every professional needs a power suit. What this means, of course, varies from office to office, person to person, and profession to profession. However, a bold power suit can give you the confidence and strength you need to excel. There are many options for men and women, and it’s essential that your power suit fits you perfectly and shows off your personality and professionalism. A personal stylist can help you choose the right power suits for your job, body type, budget, and personality.

Choose a Blazer or Two

Similar to the power suit, one or two blazers are key pieces of your professional wardrobe. You can wear the right blazer with everything from sheath dresses to pencils skirts to cropped, straight-leg pants. Blazers have the unique ability to make an outfit look complete and pull your professional look together. If you choose blazers that can double as suit jackets, at least with one of your skirts and one pair of suit pants, you’ll save money and stretch the usefulness of several pieces of your wardrobe. A good personal stylist on the can help you choose blazers that look great and can pull double – or triple – duty.

Sheath Dresses Rock

The more time you spend in the office, the more you’ll realise the value of the perfect sheath dress. These dresses allow you to put together an outfit in no time – as soon as you complete your hair and makeup, you simply pull on one item of clothing and walk out the door looking fabulous. Ask your stylist how to choose a sheath dress for your body type and personality, as well as how to accessorise it with your shoes, jewellery, and handbag for the most stylish and professional look.

Pants and Skirts: Closet Basics

Stocking up on pants and skirts of various styles, colours, and shapes can stretch your wardrobe and keep you looking great day after day. A variety of trousers and skirts can work in an office setting, including pants with cropped skinny legs to subtly flared legs and pencil skirts of varying lengths. Choosing staple colours such as khaki, navy, and black will give you the most bang for your buck when it comes to pairing your trousers and skirts with shoes, blouses, cardigans, and blazers. Picking the right fashion stylist on the will ensure that you end up with the perfect pair of pants or the best fitting skirt.

Style by Kate: Your Personal Stylist

A great professional wardrobe also incorporates blouses, shoes, and a variety of accessories such as scarves, necklaces, rings, watches, earrings, and handbags. Style by Kate can help you make the right fashion choices for your professional lifestyle and ensure that you look and feel fantastic every day.