A Woman of a Certain Age – Why You Should Let a Stylist for Women Over 50 in Darwin Update Your Wardrobe

A woman of a certain age is permitted to let her hair down and wear clothes in which she feels comfortable. She has self-confidence from handling challenging experiences life has put in her way, and she doesn’t take the ambitions of young fashionistas seriously. However, that doesn’t mean that senior women don’t want to look stylish and chic. Style by Kate is a personal shopper for seniors in Darwin and can help women of any age to coordinate their wardrobe to look their best always.

A Personal Shopper For Senior Citizens Can Help You Find Your Own Style and Look Your Best

As a stylist for women over 50, I’d like to let you in on a secret. True style never goes out of fashion. With classic clothing and accessories, you will fit in anywhere at any time, and no one will have occasion to comment on your outfit, except to remark with envy on how good you look.

During a style consultation, I try to learn as much as I can about a client’s preferences and requirements. It’s important that you not only look good but feel comfortable in your clothing. As a personal shopper for senior citizens, I can work around the constraints of a physical condition, such as the need for comfortable shoes after a hip replacement.

Based on your requirements, I will recommend a style package. Updating your style can be as simple as refreshing your wardrobe, or shopping for items to compliment what you already have. Do you own a lot of clothes, but feel as though you have nothing to wear? Let’s sort through your wardrobe and combine some old items for a completely new look. Want to update your style and not feeling sure what clothes suit you? I studied at the Australian Style Institute and love reading blogs and magazines. I can help you to find a style that you not only love but flatters your figure.

Your Personal Shopper for The Elderly, Takes the Burden off Your Feet

Do you have a big event coming up and need a special outfit? Let me find it for you! It can be tiring to trudge from shop to shop hunting for that elusive outfit that’s just right for a special occasion. You will most likely need to try on several outfits before you find a colour and size that’s right. Too many choices and keeping track of what you saw where can become confusing. As a personal shopper for the elderly, I will consult with you to determine exactly what you need, and then go shopping on your behalf. I’ll do research and narrow down the right brands and outfits that suit your figure, preferences and budget.

Let us use our knowledge and skills to put together a stylish wardrobe for you or find you the perfect outfit for a special occasion. Remember that I work with men too, and I can do a style consultation to polish your partner’s look. Contact Style by Kate today to book a consultation.