Defining Your Personal Style and Where to Get a Wardrobe Makeover in Darwin

Personal style can seem rather elusive. Besides the fact that it changes constantly, there are also probably several different styles you find appealing. But which one truly expresses your personality and taste best? When you pin down your personal style, a wardrobe makeover in Darwin from a personal stylist such as Style by Kate can make a huge difference in how you look and feel on a daily basis. Here are some tips for figuring out just what that style is.

Explore Looks You Love

When you see an outfit you like, think about words you would use to describe it. Is it modern, bohemian, classy, edgy, or feminine? Decide on a few words that feel true to your style; these will help you define your look. Also, when you have one of those days where you leave the house feeling like your most stylish self, snap a photo of your outfit for future reference. These special outfits epitomise your true style and can serve as inspiration for spin-off looks. You can use these as a base when planning your Darwin wardrobe makeover.

Choose a Signature Piece

All fashionable women have a signature piece (or two) that becomes a part of her personal style identity. It can be a pair of oversized sunglasses, a personalised piece of jewellery, or a leopard coat – anything that feels like “you.”

Pay Attention to What’s in Your Closet

Have you noticed that you own several of one type of clothing, such as striped tees or a certain type of skirt? There’s a reason you have an excess of a certain item. You buy these items time and time again because they make you feel comfortable and happy. As long as these items help express your personal style and are flattering, embrace them. Make them a signature wardrobe staple. Likewise, take note of the odd piece here and there that doesn’t seem to fit in with everything else. These are your outliers and likely represent a style you like but aren’t truly comfortable wearing. Going after pieces similar to these can help you take your wardrobe in the direction you envision.

Consider a Darwin Wardrobe Makeover

Working with a personal stylist is a great way for clients to accomplish wardrobe makeovers in Darwin. Style by Kate is a Darwin-based personal stylist who offers styling services such as wardrobe refreshing, personal style updating, and styling for special occasions. Wardrobe makeovers by a professional can ensure that your new look plays to your strengths, flattering your body type as well as expressing your individual style.

Personal stylists also know how to pull together the whole package, and can offer expert advice on not just clothing and accessories but also beauty tips that bring out the best in your unique look. A session with Style by Kate can give you the knowledge and confidence to wear what makes you feel like the best version of yourself every day. For personalised service and a flawless look that’s thoroughly you, contact Style by Kate today.